Delete old files on backup

Hi I have an older My Ultra Passport I have used for a few years. It is getting pretty full about 800gb although my pc only has about 300gb. I assume this is because I ahve deleted folders and moved them around on the pc, but they remain on My Ultra.

I see that If you have My Anywhere backup, you can purge these files.
See this.

Is there a way to do that using WD Smartware. I had never heard of Anywhere backup, and can’t see how it relates to WD Smartward.

thanks Mianakev


Are there any files on the Passport that are not on your PC? Use Smartword to retrieve/restore them onto the PC. Now use the latest version of WD Drive Utilities to Erase the Drive, which clears out everything. Now get WD Backup and define what you need to save and let it do the job. It may seem very slow for the first time. Ignore that. Future backups will work quickly.


thanks Cliff

  1. is using retrieve for Smartword quicker or more efficient than going to My Computer, Passport and transfering what I need to my pc

  2. is My Utilities faster than just deleting directly on My Computer, Passport

  3. is there a way to avoid similar problems later, that is, when I delete a file on my pc, it also deletes on My Passport

  4. what is My Anywhere backup, which seems to allow you to purge the kinds of files I do’t like. Can it be used with Smartware.