Delete Library Folders

I’m a new owner of 4 of these WD units and have a concern about removing folders from the media library. In the music Media Library tab I added the root music folder on my NAS thinking I would see the subfolders under it when I view the media library. Unfortunately I get a message “There is no media in the current folder.” But at the main music tab it shows 37,559 new items (all in subfolders that are not seen I’m guessing). I want to delete this root folder from the media library and add the subfolders in its place. But when I go into options the only option is to delete the folder. My concern is that if I use delete, it will delete the subfolder files on the server under this file folder and lose all the music I’ve spent years collecting. Or does it just remove the folder from the library and leave the server untouched? Can’t chance it until I know.

Thank you


As a recommendation, organize the folders on the NAS on a computer and then goes to the media player and rescan the media library. Also you can try turning the media library off and then back on.

Check the link below