Delete large files

How do I delete a huge (66Gb) file from my Live Duo Drive? Nothing seems to work.

The particular file is the iPhoto library file that I copied to the drive as a backup. Shouldnt have done that and wont do it again. But now I want to delete it. Who can help me?


I’m having a similar issue, there seems to be some problem between my computer and the MBLD when it comes to deleting files, along with other speed related issues, but I did stumble across this usefull but not great solution.

When I went t my wd2go app on my iPhone I managed to delete my iPhoto library (57GB) within seconds, something I also couldn’t do from my computer.

I’ve checked the volume and the dashboard and it definatly isn’t there anymore.

Like I said this isn’t the best solution, as really we need to be able to do all this very easily from the computer, but hopefully it’ll help you in the short term.

Your solution works! Unbelievable, what I have been trying to do with Mackeeper and the lot has taken me many hours of my time and it would have never finished. This took me ONE second. Many thanks, everyone who has a WD My Book Live Duo should know this.

And there is more. Everything that I do using my iPhone or iPad onto the WD Drive seems to be instant (e.g. creating a new folder) whereas it takes ages on the desktop …


Now, I am deleting 15075 files (64,2GB) from my PC. It took more than one hour so far. I don’t have a chance to connect my MBLD from IPad or Iphone. There should be another easy way?

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