Delete files slowly


First of all please apologize if my problem has been already solved but I’ve read several messages and still can’t fix my problem.

I have MyBook Live 1TB with TPLink1034 Gbit Router + Macbook 5.2 all Cat6 cables.

Read and write is correct, up to 79 MB/sec, but file deleting is incredible SLOW!!!

Can somebody help me? Thanks in advance!

If you’re using a Windows Box, open up a CMD window and issue the command

net view

Cut & paste the output here.


thx for your reaction. I’ve got os x… Do you know “net view” in unix: “smbtree”?

Terminal gives this:

Oczelot-Macbook:~ Oczelot$ smbtree
\MYBOOKLIVE My Book Live Network Storage
\MYBOOKLIVE\IPC$ IPC Service (My Book Live Network Storage)
\MYBOOKLIVE\Public Public Share
Oczelot-Macbook:~ Oczelot$

Enough for you?

Sorry, nat said: I’ve got Snow Leopard.

Now MyBook Live Write so slow, as delete. Reading is correct, 40-80 MByte/sec.

Thank You!

Well, I gave you the wrong command anyway…  

I meant to have NET USE, not Net View…  Sorry, I don’t know if there’s an equivalent for that.

But since your SMBTREE is showing the connections to the MBL are actually *IN* Samba, then my theory was wrong anyway.


I’m not good in UNIX… Can you help me?

Last login: Wed Oct 19 18:53:43 on ttys000
Oczelot-Macbook:~ Oczelot$ net use
No command: use
No command: use
net time to view or set time information
net lookup to lookup host name or ip address
net user to manage users
net group to manage groups
net sam to edit the local user database directly
net lookup to look up various things
net groupmap to manage group mappings
net join to join a domain
net cache to operate on cache tdb file
net getlocalsid [NAME] to get the SID for local name
net setlocalsid SID to set the local domain SID
net setdomainsid SID to set the domain SID on member servers
net changesecretpw to change the machine password in the local secrets database only
this requires the -f flag as a safety barrier
net status Show server status
net usersidlist to get a list of all users with their SIDs
net usershare to add, delete and list locally user-modifiable shares

net ads to run ADS commands
net rap to run RAP (pre-RPC) commands
net rpc to run RPC commands

Type "net help " to get more information on that option
Valid targets: choose one (none defaults to localhost)
-S or --server= server name
-I or --ipaddress= address of target server
-w or --workgroup= target workgroup or domain

Valid miscellaneous options are:
-p or --port= connection port on target
-W or --myworkgroup= client workgroup
-d or --debuglevel= debug level (0-10)
-n or --myname= client name
-U or --user= user name
-s or --configfile= pathname of smb.conf file
-l or --long Display full information
-V or --version Print samba version information
-P or --machine-pass Authenticate as machine account

Can you find, what you will see?

Thank You!

Hello I am also using TP-Link 1034 Gig router, but I use windows 7 64-bit with Cat 5E cables connected.

However, I only get 10~12MB/s in file transfer.

May I know do u have any tips / settings for the TP-Link router to set?

Besides, I confirm that I am using “MICROSOFT WINDOWS NETWORK” (SMB) to connect.

Thank you very much for your sharing and help!