Delete all tumbnails?

is there somewhere in the .ect folders in the SSH browser?  I have an issue where all my movie thumbs are all the same movie (hellboy)  except for movies that I ripped with Video Catalyst 4 


It depends… Is this a DLNA issue or My Cloud app?

both DLNA issue and on the ipad app

the corrent thums are here /DataVolume/shares/movies/Movies For Tv/.wdmc but twonky is not displaying them corrently on any samsung TB i own. I called support and they said I encoded them incorrectly … but there all different file extensions. .mpg .mkv .mp4 ect…

thanks again

Twonky has its own thumbnail cache completely unrelated to the .wdmc cache. Rebuilding the DLNA database will delete all the thumbs and rebuild them.

If the file doesn’t have a built-in thumbnail, Twonky will substitute something else.

yep log into and click advanved then clear cache …wala