Delete all Content Info

Hey folks.

How do I delete all the content info for all the media on my hub? What info is there is mostly wrong and I cannot be bothered editing it one at a time to fix it.

Thank you for your help.

Delete all the XML and meta thumb files, and the clear the media library.

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What’s a meta thumb file look like when it’s at home by itself eh?

Remind me how to clear the media library?

Dig around in the settings menu you’ll find it.

“Dig around in the settings menu”? Wow… That’s what passes for help these days? LOL

I sussed it… deleted the files that were mentioned above… deleted the WD TV folder/s in the afflicted directories… rebooted the WD hub… and it worked.

Hardly intuitive, or user-friendly, but I guess I got there in the end.

Thanks TonyPH12345!

Hey…I coulda said Read the Manual but I knew you’re a smart enough guy to find it. :slight_smile:

I’m a smart enough guy to know how woefully inadequate the User Manual is…