Delete a registered product


I would like someone to explain how to delete a registered product?
Thank you in advance

You can go to the Support Portal, sign in using this email and password, locate your product and delete from that page.

WD Support Portal

Thank you for your answer but I do not see the button to delete

Sorry, my bad, I haven’t been in the portal for a while.  You will need to private message me your serial number and I will have it removed for you. 

And no way I do it by myself?

Yeah, unfortunately, we have to do it for you. Or, we can just leave it.  It won’t hurt anything.

The old portal allowed you to manage your registered products including removal of them.

Can someone please explain why WD sees how this is better for either the customer or the support staff in having to waste time on something that is as simple as this as it used to be?

I just had to spend 40 min. on a tech support call to get 17 products removed from my portal. After providing a list to the support person, calling out 17 serial numbers, I was informed that he had to send it to a special team to have these removed from my portal.

I just purchased 2 24TB DL4100’s which replaced all 17 of these devices. However, because of this experience with the WD support website and support mechanism currently in place, I will never purchase another WD product again without this being corrected. Someone needs to loose their job for having made this ridiculous decision to take what was once practical and make it now useless.

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I apologize for the inconvenience, but the reason we need you to contact us to remove your products from your portal account is so that we can verify that it is really you who is wanting to delete your products. That’s not going to change. However, it can be done by email as well.

Hi Bill_S,

Is there any update on this issue?

I do have the same issue… How do I delete the product which is registered under my account as I have an issue with the Warranty information?

Support Team has corrected my warranty info, which is now valid till ’ 03/28/2020 '.

But under my account( - I do see the old info, which is ’ 11/20/2019 - 992 days left ’

Thanks in advance.

Balaji Varathri

You will need to contact support for help with this.

Of course we need delete button for registred devices in portal.
Please develop delete buttom…. for several cases:

  1. most important! if somebody need to delete invalid serial numbers and corresponding devices which they add it for mistake in one or several digits.
  2. if somebody want’s to remove very old devices which don’t want to support - we also need delete button.
  3. if somebody sell device to another person and another person want’s to registred it for yourself we need delete button.

WD made very popular devices!! And WD need to listen to your customers!!

Try to think to return Delete button for delete devices in portal!!

For determine me or not me press delete button you have to develope security systems on portal.
We add login/passwords as ussual.
if you want you can develope double ask the passwords or second step of authorization for delete device (for example by sms or by google or Microsoft authentication , but we need this possibility.

And why it is so difficult, for example after deletion the device we have to possibility to recreate it again without any problems, because we need such possibility also.