Delete a Backup

I have a new Windows 10 Dell Inspiron laptop. I created a backup on My Passport external drive. I want to delete the backup so I can see other backups from my old computer. Please help

The simple answer is, you can’t. Your only choice is too to erase the WD drive, reinstall drive’s software from the WD web site and start over.

I purchased the My Passport Ultra a while ago. The hardware looks and feels great. But their software completely ■■■■■. The dialog and options looks they were written by a Chinese teenager , and they likely were.

Here’s what I would suggest … Erase your WD drive then buy a copy of “Nero Complete Backup” for 49 bucks. You’ll be much happier!

Better yet. If you can find a “ClickFree C6” in good shape, BUY IT!! It’s a shame they’re no longer made, It was THE BEST external backup hard drive on the planet … bar none.

Good luck …