Deleating Video on "Q"

Newbie David here,  I’ve been using my media player for about 1 month and this player is the best gadget I have in my house.  I have a 4 tb external HD attached via usb to it and really like the fact you can resume a movie where you’ve stopped last.  I like to watch 10 to 15 minutes of a movie and then switch to another for awhile!! 

My question is, is there an easy way to delete a movie once I’ve seen it from my “Q”?  Currently I have to go into options, go down to delete and press on it.  Can I assign a key on my remote to just press it to deleate the movie? Tks much, David

Hello David, Welcome to the WD Community. You can change the some of the preset settings for the buttons to allow you to delete a file from the list, although you will receive a prompt for you to confirm the action or not. You can find this information on the user manual. page 200.