Delayed Write Failed - unable to store encrypted data


I have purchased a new 1TB passport drive a month ago, and I keep having problems with it and can’t backup my data onto it.

I have downloaded and installed Dmailer Sync v9.0 on the passport drive to backup my data through encryption.  The encryption process starts of smoothly and then after a time, sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes 20 minutes, I get an error message on my PC (XP) that says:

‘Windows was unable to sace all the data for the file I:\DmailerData…dml.  The data has been lost.  This error may be caused by a failure of your computer hardware or network connection.  Please try to save this file.’

What is going on?!

I have started to manually copy and paste folders from my PC onto the drive and so far this is working, but I wish to use the snychronisation facility of it.

Any ideas what I can do?  Is it perhaps the WDSmartWare software intefering with this?

Please help.


This is nothing related with the External drive nor the software. Most of the computers, when you try to run any software to backup / syncronise you get the message “Delayed Write”, this is due to the USB traffic. Microsoft has released Hotfix to resove this. Its a Free Download from the microsoft website.

Thanks for the response.  I will have a loot at that hotfix.

I have also found that by stopping the WD SmartWare software and services the disk runs without any interruption and I can use the encryption software as planned.

It would thus seem that the WD SmartWare software interferes with the communication of the disk encryption software.