Delayed Write Failed on newly formatted external drive

It all began when one day i coudn’t access my WD 500 GB external drive.

When i plugged in windows xp pro came up with a message “Drive X: is not formatted. would you like to format it now?”

I had never formatted the disk since i bought it. It was on FAT32.

So i did a back up with a recovery tool and did a format on the disk choosing NTFS as file system (something that i already had in mind to do for some time).

Formating to NTFS was succesful and the drive was accesible again. I installed wd drive manager ( blue button on tray). 

BUT when i stared to fill the drive with files i backed up before, “Delayed write failed” message began to appear. It happens not always but with a high frequency. (1/10 files). I have managed to copy some gb but it’s really annoying because not only the files don’t copy but also the drive after the message becomes not accesible and i have to pul the power cable off and then back on to use the disk again. Also note that the disk has absolutely not a single problem reading stuff. It’s all about writing on it. So my question is this: Is it possible that the largeness of the disk (500GB) can not bear with NTFS file system?? I’m thinking rolling back to FAT32. I need some opinions.

That’s not necessary the issue, since 1TB drives are NTFS. I’ll suggest you to replace the USB cable just in case, if possible connect the drive to a different computer and verify if you encounter the same behavior. 

Unless you have a very old WD drive then it came factory NTFS or HFS+, on any case a delayed write failure on WIndows means that there is a connectivity problem either due to a back cable or lack of proper power on the USB port. Are you using a hub for multiple USB devices? And what if you run a test on the drive using WD’s DLG to check if it has a problem?

did changing the cable work?