Delayed / Slow Playback!?

UPDATE: Have now fixed this problem. Tried resetting factory defaults, didnt work. Tried unplugging everything etc, didnt work. Finally disconnected the Hard Drive and connected to PC, Scanned for errors (came up automatically) - didnt find any, disconnected properly and then it works! Not sure why it would have this problem as never disconnected it incorrectly but happy I have it back to speed! :slight_smile:


Have not had any problems with my WDTV Live since buying a few months ago.

I have 2 hard drives connected to the unit and regular transfer avi files over from my computer (wired network)

Ever since yesterday after transferring some new avi files it takes longer for the playback of any avi files to start. Also the new ones I transferred take even longer and sometimes delay in pausing/unpausing.

I cannot think why all of a sudden I am having problems. Anybody else had similar?

Running 0.24 firware.