Delay for attached pictures to show up on forum messages

Is there some kind of an automatic delay for forum messages with attached pics to show up? I often can’t see pics posted by others for sometime while seeing the text of their message fine, making me suspect there is some kind of an approval/vetting mechanism whereby a mod looks at all attached pics first before okaying them.

If so, do you have any process for frequent/more trusted contributors to be granted an immediate pic display without requiring such an approval? And if so, what is your criteria for trusting such a contributor…I see some contributors are designated Trusted Advisor…is it the number of posts? Number of kudos? Something else? And do you have a certain metric before that is accorded…or is it just arbitrary…like if a poster frequently portrays WD positively, rather than unbiasedly be they talk positively or negatively?


Yes, all images need to be approved by the Moderators to make sure that they are complying with the WD Community guidelines.

The VIP Members of the Community have been granted permissions to approve images. The criteria as you mentioned is based on the number of Kudos and solutions that they have received and how helpful their post are.


Is the placeholder a triangle with a ! in it prior to that approval? I see that fairly regularly too, which sometimes makes helping out other members a bit awkward when they are making references to an image that you can’t (yet) see.

Can understand why it’s done, but it might be worthwhile having that approval process a little better advertised just to save a bit of frustration all around.