Delay during startup on win 7

After i installed the wd and its software i can feel there is a delay during the startup of my HP laptop (a Pavilion ). Does anyone else has the same problem?

During the date the laptop had suffered significant delays during startup. I had to remove the software.It seems that the WD is causing significant problems to win 7 (32 bit edition).

Please solve the problem

Hi there.


Blogmaster wrote:

WD is causing significant problems to win 7 (32 bit edition).

Not to me… MyBook Live (1TB) and Passport Essential SE (750GB), W7 Ultimate 32-bit.

I am constantly benchmarking my start-up and shutdown speeds with Tune Up Utilities and Smartware is not the only thing to cause software bloat. Did you make sure the problem is not related to your drive connected to your computer when you turn it on? That can make it slow, with any drive.

Try a system optimizer, a registry cleaner or to defrag your computer. After you make sure that there are no traces of Smartware on your computer then you’ll know for sure if it was the software or not. It has been system hog to a lot of users, but not to all of them; It’s not cool to point something as a fact just because it happens to you…

The problem was related to the Smartware. i uninstalled it and the problem was solved. :smiley:

(i always use registry cleaners - Cccleaner and Glary utilities and i defrag very often my computer)

Glad you were able to solve it ^^