Delay between movie VOB files

WD Live TV has 3 to 10 second delay between VOB files when playing a movie.
Movies play great, no stuttering, great picture quality, except when
changing from one vob file to the next. The video pauses for 3 to 10 seconds
with a black screen and no audio. Really kills the movie experience for the family.

Purchase device on Oct 15, 2011. Updated firmware to 1.03.10.

I have read all the forum messages about playing vob files and have tried all the
suggestions. The movie is started by pressing the ‘Play’ button on the movie folder.
The vob files are stored in the folder VIDEO_TS under the movie folder. All non-vob
files have been removed.

Current configuration -
WD Live connected with wired network with gigabit switch.
WD External drives with USB 2.0.
GoFlex Home network storage device.
Windows 7 and Xp computers with gigabit network.

I have tried these test:
Play movie from flash drive connected directly to WD Live TV - 3 second delay
Play movie from WD External 250 GB HD - 3 second delay
Play movie from WD External Essentials 1TB - 10 second delay
Play movie from Network share on Windows PC - 3 second delay
Play movie from GoFlex sever - 3 second delay

I have tried using playlists in the movie folder - no help.
I have turned off the Media Library and opened the folder directly - no help.
I have turned on the Media Library and played the movie - no help.

The only way that I have been able to play the movies without issue is by
using an .iso disk image. I have no desire to convert my video library of
200+ movies to iso format.

The vob movies play great, no delay, when using VLC, Cyberlink PowerDVD, etc.
on any of the computers on the network, including an Acer One laptop.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

Do *NOT* delete *ANY* of the files.   The IFO files and BUP files are NECESSARY.   (the BUPs are IFO Backups.)

Do NOT press PLAY on the FOLDER;  press OK.


‘Other’ files    -   *.IFO are required for correct playback.


Thanks for the quick response.

You are correct. Works great!

Ripped a movie including all the *.ifo and *.buf files and the movie plays as expected.

The movies plays exactly as from the DVD in a DVD player.

The play back slider indicates the full length of the movie instead of the length of the current file.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to recreate the missing files for all my movies or

re-rip all of them.

Thank you