Deinstalling Memeo on a Mac; down to one process that just won't quit

Machine: MacBook Pro, new as of 11/2010; 8 gigs RAM
Operating system: 10.6.5

I am down to one last vestige of removing the Memeo software that comes shipped with the WD hard drive (external, Western Digital MyBook Essential, USB 2) and I need help.

I now have 8 hours into trying to remove all of the Memeo software installed when I added the My Book Essential USB 2 external drive. I have spent many hours searching the web, in chat rooms, and have gotten close. I have done the following:

  • hooked the drive back up, run Uninstall as provided by WD
  • erased files in directories that apparently the uninstall does not delete, according to chat chatter

But one process remains that I can’t eliminate.

I use two Mac utilities to monitor this situation: Activity Monitor and Console Messages. I can see from my Activity Monitor, that the WD/Memeo processes are no longer running. That is a huge step forward. However, I can see from the Console messages that something by Memeo is TRYING to run. I see the same three messages in loop, over and over, happening thousands of times a day:

11/28/10 11:10:06 PM[1]    (com.memeo.WDMemeod) Throttling respawn: Will start in 10 seconds

11/28/10 11:10:16 PM[1]    (com.memeo.WDMemeod[3883]) posix_spawn("/Library/Application Support/Memeo/WD Anywhere Backup/Daemons/WDMemeod", …): No such file or directory

11/28/10 11:10:16 PM[1]    (com.memeo.WDMemeod[3883]) Exited with exit code: 1

How do I shut down this process??? Where is the file that is making this happen??

Thank you.

I think you’ll find that the process isn’t installed any longer - the message “No such file or directory” indicates this quite clearly.

The process is still listed in the basic daemon start list (no idea what this is called on the Mac), i.e. the system itself believes this daemon should be running and tries to restart it - which it can’t, because the executable has been deleted. 

Try a detailed search for com.memeo.WDMemeod (i.e. one that looks inside files as well) - you may need a special search program - and I’m certain you’ll find it in the launch daemon init file (again, not sure what this is called). Just remove it from that and you should be home free.

Let me know if that worked.

Ciao, Hans