Degrading Copy Performance

Hi there,

So I have had my MYCloud for sometime but never really used it up until now. so I started copying a load of info over the drive which is connected to a gigabit switch and my laptop is connected to the switch also, all through CAT6… using a mapped IP setup in windows 10. (ports are showing as connected at gigabit

I have noticed that through a relatively short period the copying performance will drop from around 3mb/sec to 0… absolute blank… nada… until a reboot of the drive then it goes back up… to be honest I think even 3mb is 5hit!

things I have tried
Disable Thumbnail Building
Hidden WDMC directories
there is also the “before-you-pack-up-your-wd-and-return-it-lets-talk-about-copying-speeds/91887/3” thread I read (I cannot link more than 2 times due to being new haha)

the disable thumbnails and scanning also includes lines in the ‘cron’ (please forgive me, I am still new to linux etc) file that during boot up the drive does not start scanning etc again. (I even thought it was the length of the file names so bulk amended them… didn’t help)

If the performance drops I can still access the drive on the network and read from it but I just cannot copy anything to or from it until I restart. I even tried ipconfig/renew to see if it was something on the network… I’m quite simply stuck now… the half assed transfer speed of 3mb I can deal with if it stays consistent…

any further ideas? apprecaite any help here. :slight_smile: