Degraded Raid State (JBOD) for My Book Studio II - Help

Hi WD People

I have an old WD My Book Studio II Enclosure (Silver) and ran the 2x 2TB drives in JBOD for max space (and pretty full right now) and now have a warning that the raid has degraded (via the front lights flashing top/bottom). This can work for a short while but when I try to go down to file level it often creates this light-based warning and then removes itself from windows and is inaccessible so I was wondering if the is a fix for JBOD ‘raid’ re-build or can these disks be put into another state (or quick recovery software can adjust MFT/JBOD state) so that they can be read out of the enclosure as individual disks or in another external caddie (non-raid version)?

I have heard about the github ‘reallymine’ program that is meant to help but this might be technically too far for my current knowledge/skills.

Thoughts? Help? Advice?

Thanks, in advance and appreciate any thoughts.