Degraded - Drive Status

I have an 8TB MyCloud Mirror NAS, it is 2 years old, on a home network, with very little data on it, and it is set for Raid 0, in a Windows environment…

I have a White Flashing WD Quick View Icon on the Taskbar, when I hover over it I get

**WDMyCloudMorror 4% Used, Temperature OK, Raid Status Degraded **

What would be the correct course of action?

I am not getting a drive fail condition, only Degraded…

The best course of action would be to back-up your data in case your have not, then cease further use and contact WD Support. The unit is indicating the RAID array is not healthy, and it could be due to one of the internal hard drives or the controller itself. On either case a RAID 0 failure leads to full data loss.