Degraded Disc

My MyBookWorld Edition II is showing one of the drives as degraded - 

What should I do, as I have a lot of information on the disc which is set up in a mirror format - the unit is around a month old.

Is there a repair process that will avoid me losing all my data?

When I click on manage raid, there is an option, but it tells me I will lose all my data.

When I click the normal status there is no mention of the degraded disc, its only when I click on storage and then volumes and raid management that I see the degraded disc mentioned

Many thanks


Hi there, if you have a mirror RAID 1 then you should be able to take 1 drive out without losing the data.

Either 1 drive is bad or the controller is bad, so if I were you what I would do is to  dismantle it, take one drive out, test it, put it back in (On the exact same place) and then take the other drive out to test it.

If one drive fails the test then that drive should be replaced, if both pass then zero out one of the drives to clean it and put it back in to rebuild the RAID 1 (Cheating the MBW).

Best of luck!

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I cleared both drives, rebuilt the raid mirror everything was fine for a week and then I received these 3 alerts this morning:

HDD 2 SMART Health Status: Failed.

on Sat Mar  5 07:12:22 GMT 2011


Volume ‘DataVolume’ is in degraded mode.

on Sat Mar  5 06:50:47 GMT 2011


System temperature exceeded threshold.(42 degrees) on Sat Mar  5 06:16:10 GMT 2011

i am guessing that drive 2 needs replacing? The unit is around 2 months old…