Degraded Colors / Picture Quality after firmware update 2.01.86 (12/10/2013)


I just updated my WD Live TV Firmware to Release 2.01.86 (12/10/2013).


Thank GOD they have fixed the youtube restart issue (pending from 6 months) but no matter any video i play in WD (Youtube, Dailymotion, Netflix) i have seen a clear degratation in color/picture quality which means video being played doesnt reflect its true colors (its kinda dark & of low quality)

First i thought it might be a TV issue but it is not because my local cable is absolutely fine. 

Anyone else having the same issue?

I’m looking into this.


Have you tried doing a reset to see if it fixes it?

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Does it do the same with local media files?   Or is it ONLY on the internet services?

If it’s all, then double check your HDMI settings on the WDTV and/or do what Bill_S suggests.

@ Bill_S

Thanks a lot, issue was fixed after resetting the device.

I really appreicate your prompt response.

You’re welcome, and I’m glad I was able to help.