Defragmenting mycloud mirror HD's

Is there a way to defragment the 2 disks ?

The reason I ask is that I have been doing time machine backups for some months and the backup was getting slower and slower. Taking from minutes going to hours.

I did delete my backup and started again and its back down to minutes.

The only thing I can think of is that the disks were defragmented badly.

Is this possible ?

WD mirror gen 1

My Cloud Mirror hard drives would be formatted EXT4 which is a Linux file system, which does not require defragging.

Windows file systems (NTFS, FAT etc) get fragmented.

Getting Slower and Slower= Size is getting bigger and bigger… Maybe?

ok, good information

More than i would expect, it should be only incremental backups after the first complete backup. So the size sent to mirror is relatively small.

Call me inpatient, But i thought mine was slow from day one. I tried all sorts of Raid configs, JBOD. None seemed to work like the Server at my work. Which isnt WD. With that said. …