Defective WD Blue WD250G2B0A SSD

I used to love WD hard drives and My passport, but I absolutely loathe my 2 year-old SSD. Every few months it goes through weeks of constant crashing. It’s been over 6 weeks this time, including an unrecoverable crash that forced me to reformat and reinstall Windows 10 Pro. I’m going to have to buy a decent SSD, likely Samsung, and cloning software because i can’t stand having to reinstall everything yet again thanks to defective WD hardware. I should have returned it two years ago but didn’t realize it was the fault of the SSD. After testing for all kinds of other problems, that’s the only remaining possibility.

I’ll never again buy another WD SSD. On the other hand, I still like my My Passport drives (I have a 1 TB, 2 TB and 5 TB) and my old WD media player, which I wish you still made. I find it superior to Rokus.

I purchased WD SSD 2TB two years lapsed and I returned now third time facing problem of crashing. This is the worst experience. In future I suggest never buy WD products.