Defected WDMBII


I suppose my WD MyBook World Edition II 2TB becomes defected.

History is as follows.

About week ago I indicate flashing all LEDs.

I check Storage status and it informs that “Volume ‘DataVolume’ is in degraded mode”

I used RAID1 (mirror).

HDD2 was detected as “unassigned”

Than I remove HDD2 from the box, restart it and make backup copy of all files (I hope all).

Than I install back HDD2 but nothing changed.

I connect HDD2 to another PC (via SATA/USB converter) and nothing was found on it, no LINUX partitions!

I suppose HDD2 was destroyed, so I try to create NTFS partition on empty disk.

It was succesfuly done. Few files was copied into without problems, no bad sectors and so on.

I cleanup HDD2 with PC to back to the same state as befor connection to PC.

After putting back to WDMBII box nothing changed. HDD2 was indicated as “unassigned” with status “Failed”.

I clean HDD2.

No changes. HDD2 does not rebuild as mirror.

I remove completely HDD2 from the box.

Two days later WDMBII stop working completely. No communication via LAN. Bottom LED continuously lights, TOP LED flashing. There was no changes if working with one HDD or HDD1 and HDD2.

In addition by son discovered hearable but really quiet sould with high frequency which is hearable even if I remove power!!!.

As I see there is a battery on the board insight. It is possible that somethig still operates without external power?

BTW, I seems the box was defected.

Could you help me?

With best regards, Marek

Hello, seems like the my book case is faulty, you can try using a data recovery program like recuva or teskdisk to recover your files.