Defect with DNLA Database

I have a Gen2 4TB Single Bay MC, and have some weird behavior around the DNLA Media Server.
I copied new music to server and refreshed the iTunes Database, normally it reports:

  • 10,500 Music Tracks on a share called iTunes.
  • Pictures = 0
  • Videos = 2
    Photos and videos are on a share where Media Serving is disabled

After I copied the music, I ran a “rescan” on the DNLA Media server. It then reported:

  • 22K Songs
  • 23K Photo’s
  • 480 Videos

Using my IOS app “DT-Play-Fi” to stream music on my Definitive Technology Sound Bar, I noticed every song under every artist was duplicated. There were two of everything, yet, when I looked on the share itself (using Window or Mac), no duplicates appeared.

I chose “rebuild” the DNLA Database and it came back with the same results.
I disabled Media Streaming, then enabled it, and the database started to rebuild again. This time yielding the correct results.

There is definitely a defect in how the database rebuilds via the app vs. disable / enable.

Maybe you should do it again via the Twonky-own interface, it is located on port 9000. So, open your My Cloud UI but with :9000 behind the IP or name, like http://wdmycloud:9000

Within the Sharing section of the Twonky UI, you will find what folders are included in the search. On the right side, you can specify what type of content is in the folder, e. g.: “Music” for Music folders but not showing up the cover art as picture in Picture views.

A bit more down, under Advanced, you can clear the cache and rescan the folders.

Hope this helps :smile: