Default theme missing and cannot upload themes

Hi All, first post here, though long time lurker as these forums have been essential since purchasing my smp.

Anyway, I have two issues I am stumped with and cannot seem to find any posts on the first part of my problem in particular.

1) When I look in Setup->Appearance->User Interface Themes I do not see any themes whatsoever including the “Mochi” theme. Instead it says “There is no media in the current folder”. This is using Local Storage.

2)  …could be a result of issue 1… I cannot upload any themes whether they are SMP or HUB themes using either the Web interface or downloaded using the Online database. I have tried Firefox and Chrome browsers. Used Winrar, Windows Compression and 7zip to compress zip files (all using either ‘Normal’ , ‘Store’ or ’ ‘Ultra’ compression)

My process has been as follows:

a) Download theme, e.g Mojo for SMP, Legacy, Alaska Resurface

b) If already a zip file then try and upload using Web Gui, otherwise unrar using Winrar. Delete any screenshot files in screenshot subfolder and select all xml files and images/screenshot folders and zip using WinRar, 7zip or Windows Compress

c) Select theme file and submit using Web gui. (It will say uploading and the percentage in the status bar of Chrome/Firefox)

d) after 100% it does not say congratulations but uploading text dissapears

e) check WD and find no files in user themes. Rebooting results in the same

Please help!!!

You may need to do a Factory Restore.  SETUP - SYSTEM - SYSTEM RESET

Ok I did the System Reset but still cannot see any themes.

Does everybody see the default theme in User Interface Themes?? Do I have a faulty device?

No, probably not faulty. Try reinstalling the firmware. Yes, I see Mochi in the Themes…