Default password for public folder


I noticed that it is possible to access “Public” folder on the storage using a local IP address of the storage. (I don’t know why it is called “public” it is not accessible through the cloud dashboard, but whatever) Firstly it asked me for a password, I found that admin admin works.

The question is how to change the password?


The public folder is a traditional SMB public share that is there to be used with Windows File history. There is no way to change or modify the password for this share.


The My Cloud Home does not have a Dashboard, are you sure that is what you own.


Hello aek15,
I have the same question, but for me admin admin does not work. Guest works for TimeMachine, but not from Finder (I am using a Mac).

So, may I ask which operating system you are using?


I use Windows 10 and Android devices.