Default language on m4v files


I have a video file that I converted to m4v format which include both enflish and french sound tracks. When I try to access it from my iphone 5s, the language being played is french. When I play it from  my iPodTouch 5G, the language is english. Both devices are setup in french and were setup in french from the initial configuration. Both have the My Cloud app 4.1.3 installed.

I tried uninstalling and re-installing the My Cloud app on the iPodTouch. I tried rebooting the device.

The only way to play it in french is to download it locally and play it with vlc.  But I dont want to do that… I want to stream the movie straight from My Cloud.

If only the video player allowed me to change the language while the video was playing… that would solve the problem.

What is strange is that it works fine on one Apple device but not on another…

Any recommendations for me?

at least in android the mycloud app does not have a video player built in. it passes it off to the default player on the device so i would start with verifying the same app, version and settings are the default on both