Deezer and Flik'r working with the new wdtv box?

Hello ,

Could someone tell me if Deezer and Flik’r work with the new wdtv box so far.


Hi cortomalteso, have you tried to contact support so they can help you troubleshoot the problem? 

Hi Jubei04,

In fact the issue concerns the previous version of wdtv live box.

It seems all owners can’t access Deezer and Flik’r

Other features like Accuweather or TuneIn work.

Calling the support will not solve the issue because some did for the same pb.

I wonder if the new wdtv box cans access Deezer / Flik’r, if so I could say it is not Deezer / Flik’r sides and could be explained by the authentication protocol used  (perhaps a range of S/N is not able to connect).

Then : Are Deezer and Flik’r working with the new wdtv box  ?

Hi again cortomalteso, we have passed this along to support. 

Hi Jubei04,

Ok thanx .

But what  for ?

The support replied to  a user Deezer and Flik’r ,I assume , will no more work on old wdtv