Deception: LG TV does not recognize My Passport 500GB

I’m trying to watch movies over USB from my LG LED TV (47LW5700) and it does not recognize the My Passport 500 gb. I’ve looked at the manual for the TV and the HD has all the specifications accepted by the TV. Already formatted in NTFS, FAT32 and also did not work. Can anyone help me?

(Sorry for bad english. I am Brazilian and not mastered the language)


If the drive is working perfectly on a computer and not on the TV, there’s no known troubleshooting that we can recommend you.

Are you able to see the drive at all? or is only the videos that is not working?

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Hello! thank you

The TV can not open the HD. Nothing appears. When I connect the HD appears a message “USB charging”, then the message disappears and stays invisible on HD TV.