Debian Wheezy , help needed

Running an operating system on My computer based on Debian Wheezy. I can run the WD Mycloud UI OK in Iceweasel. Using Nautilius I can open all My folders but .jpg files are just shown as below.

I have Shotwell installed but it wont open them or import them.

Anybody any ideas ?


I haven’t try this. Let’s see if any of the users can provide you some information about it.

It looks like you’re connecting to the drive via SMB. I can’t read the name of the share/folder you’re trying to access, but permissions might be a possible problem. Can you examine permissions using Nautilus?

When I connect via smb on Android, I have to supply a username and password to access private shares; did you have to do that? Is the share containing the images private or public? If private, try setting it public and see what happens.

I have no idea what  SMB is.

In My PC desktop I launch nautilius and get this -

I then click on the Mycloud image and get -

I can now click on johnw and get what is in My first post.

Folder Permmissions I get -


If this is any help

I have no idea what  SMB is.

You appear to be accessing the following directory:


Note the SMB bit at the front: this is the file server protocol you are using.

I can’t see the images yet; a moderator will have to approve them, I think.

Did you try setting your admin share to Public?  If you don’t know what that means, I’d suggest reading the MyCloud User Manual. Actually, if you haven’t read it already, I’d suggest reading it.

Admin share set to public but I think you are right , it’s something to do with permissions.

Bit more research called for.

Thanks for your time 

In the first of those three images, at the bottom left, is ‘Connect to Server’. I would probably look there for a login, but that’s a guess.

I note the third image shows the drive is using AFP (an Apple File Protocol), rather than SMB. it may be that Nautilus is showing you all the file servers it can see, and the MyCloud will be offering both AFP and SMB.

If you click the ‘permissions’ tab’ rather than the ‘basic’ tab, you may get more useful information…

Is the picture in your first post of Shotwell, rather than Nautilus? The Shotwell website seems to be strangely devoid of any example screenshots…