Debian on my book live duo

i follow this tutorial to install pure debian on my book live duo with 1 hdd.

Increase in transfer speed (tested on gigabit network)
wd firmware : Mbps: Write : 246.7217600 Read: 486.4856080
debian: Mbps: Write : 470.9212080 Read: 617.4549920


  • Sata on Slot B not detected
  • USB drive not detected

i am not good with linux, is there any guide i can follow to enable 2nd hdd and usb drive?


I haven’t try this yet. Let’s see if any of the users can share some information about it.

loaded debian jessie and both hdd is detected, usb still no luck

going to trial further on weekend

@mbld Old thread I know, but any further update on USB? I’m eager!