Dear WD

A little over a year ago, I purchased a WD MyPassport to take with me to Nepal to use during my work there over the course of a year.  For the first 6 months, I loved the drive.  It was quite easy to work with and I loved not having to have a power connection in a country where power is luxury much of the time.  I was able to keep my photos and computer backups and all was okay unitl the drive stopped communicating with my computer.  Unfortunatley tech support in Nepal is not top of the line so I decieded not to stress out and wait till I returned home to resolve the issue.  Now after returning I was able to find out that the drive removed the partition from itself therfore deleating a years worth of my life’s work and memories.  Over 2,000 photos are now lost along with countless documents.  I dont have the financial resources to go to to a data recovery service for help and I know that WD won’t do anything to support me in this.  Your warranties are complete bunk, and your products are aboslute rubbish.  Thanks to you, I have lost a year of my life and have no way of sharing my memories with friends and familiy.

Hi JR2014, sorry to hear you can’t access your files. Note that there are many variables that can result in a failed drive, such as power outages, accidental physical damage, internal component failure, and computer viruses, just to name a few. It is always recommended to maintaining a backup of your important data at all times, as a best practice to ensure the availability of your information and minimal potential data loss. I recommend you to check the list of data recovery companies on the WD support page; some of them offer a free evaluation.

Data Recovery Partners

Dear JR2014

You should have consulted experts in hard drives, (myself and countless others)

they all would have told you one thing

redundancy, redundancy, redundancy.

ANYONE with only a single copy of their data off computer is BEGGING for a tragedy, just begging.

live and learn.

You dont have the financial resources for data recovery,  FINE

you DID have the resources to buy a second external HD, … but you DIDNT