Dear Administrators need help on Defrag and insolite slowdouns and freezez when reading media

Dear Guys,

I love your 2 T WD external Drive, I connected on my top notch Cisco integrated wifi-router to give him its deserved place in may busy home Network to which also is connected my PS 3 which allows me to read on my TV the files I have on my main PC Drive and obviosly above mentioned WD.

Also I’m on HP dual core 2.6 running on terrible Vista. My 2 Network GUI (Network Magic an Norton Network Mapping option) still are not very clear on what is WD. Hower the points I wanted to make are these ones:

  1. When I read a digitally saved movie from WD on my TV using the PS3 as a bridge sometimes the movie freezez, then starts a few seconds later sometimes bearable sometimes you actually have to forget ever getting to the end. This is very annoying.

  2. Dont’ you think a fragmentation of the drive would help, and in such case why is it not possible to achive this option?

thanks in advance

Dude, what drive do you use? Some of WD’s drives can’t be used at all that way do to the firmware and can give problems. Why don’t you try a real NAS formatted as EXT3 for networking?