Dealing with moviesheets

Hi there

I have moviesheets for my movies created in thumbgen. All my movies are in a folder of their own and thumbgen has created the following files for each of my movies:


Iron Man 2.jpg

Iron Man 2.avi (this is the actual movie)

Iron man 2.xml

Iron Man 2.mpg_sheet.jpg

Iron Man 2.mpg_sheet.mpg

I don’t want to change themes or anything like that. All I want to be able to do is that when I go to videos, and open a folder containing movies that I if I want to see the movie sheet I can click on a file to open it. Then I can close it and click to watch the movie if I want, or just go go back to my folder list and check another movie.

Is this possible?

I’m happy with the current theme on my wd and really all I want to do is to be able to open a full screen moviesheet image when I want.


The WD themes will only show the data it gets from the info it searches for.

Movie sheets are related to themes created by users here, 99 % of the time the themes and movie sheets are designed around each other.

For example you have far to many pictures and all are named strangely as well, a theme would have to be designed around that. Thumbgen will create whatever you want, but unless you have a movie sheet and interface capable of it, you are wasting your time I’m afraid.

Thanks for the feedback.

Is there a theme that is pretty similar to the standard theme that comes out on the hub?

Not really.

Is your best port of call I suppose. You could have the standard front end mixed in with anyones theme at a push, as the front end does not get changed that much apart from the graphics, but since WD have no support for moviesheets everything after that is made by the theme creator.

But as I told you before once you pick a theme you like, you have to stick with the format of the moviesheets provided, as a box out of place using someone else’s theme will mess with the moviesheet of another.

The older WD boxes seemed to have more flexibility with allowing users to do better things, but for whatever reason the themers here are limited with reflections and the rest, so what you see now is as good as it gets, or the performance falls through the floor, and even then you have to limit yourself to certain firmwares to get certain ones to work.

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