Dead Power on Mirrored 2GB MyBook Studio II - Recover?

My WD MyBook Studio II died. It had started disconnecting from the host computer - and I copied-off one of the main 2 data folders.

Right now, it will not power up. Presumably the cause is the drive power supply or base circutry. When I originally formatted and configured the drive I set it up to be a mirrored set of 2 1TB drives (formatted Mac Journalled, extended). Presumably, the folder I’m looking ot recover should be on either otr both of the 1TB drives in the encliosure.

If I were to buy an inexpensive drive encloisure and open the WD case, should the drives be easy to mount in a new enclosure. 
 - additional info - this folder contains my basic documents since the mid-90s - although the stuff I’ve needed in the past 2 years has been relocated elsewhere. So, although I don’t want to lose this stuff, it’s anything but dynamic - so an old copy is fine. Hopefully, even if one drive is corrupted from a power down head crash, the other shoudld have usable info.

Any suggestions or guesses on my chances for success?

If this is a drive that had Smartware the data will be encrypted by a circuit board and useless if recovered and using another enclosure woin’t work. I’d try to get another power supply first. If it’s still under warranty call customer service and they’ll probably send you another.


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I originally set it up to mirror. (Unfortunately, I’v eupgraded and swapped machines, so I don’t have functioning drive tools.) 

I generally avoid encrypting disks. IS the data on the mirrored drives by default encrypted (or otherwise stored in a format other than a standard journaled volume?

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