Dead MyBook Studio 1TB

Recently i’ve made the impossible possible - iserted the firewire 400 plug the other way around, what rendered my MyBook Studio pernamently inoperable - one of the two chipsets onboard (looks like the input one) is dead - not even clock is running.

I’m not interested in warranty service at all ('cause no-one takes responsibility for data, which are the most important thing to me right now), I’ve dissasembled the enclosure and put the disk (WD10EADS) into another SATA/USB adapter.

Looks like the electronics in the device are ok, it doesn’t mount but I can see it in OS X’s System Profiler and Disk Utility as a not-partitioned disk with full capacity.

Having heard some rumours about encryption, I’d like ask whether WD or it’s customers who had similar issues can suggest any way of getting the data back after the enclosure malfunction. I can’t imagine that manufacturer could have not predicted such a situation. Are there any tools? Applications? Techniques? Should I buy another MyBook Studio and replace the disk? (As I say, warranty in that case is next-to-nothing, because it’s the data that counts and I knew it from the start). If the disk is encrypted how can a Ontrack-like company retrieve those data while I can’t?

Looking forward to hearing from anybody, cause I’ve got at least 10GB of mixes and tracks that hasn’t been backuped anywhere else, and studio time is pretty costly… not to mention that re-recording of certain performances may be impossible.

Krzysztof, Warsaw.