Dead HD from WD Book


A friend bring me his WD Book because he’s not working anymore.

I opened it tried the HD directly on my computers.

It’s clicking but it won’t mount on the desktop nor anywhere else.

I’m thinking of throwing away the 500GB (WD500AADS) hard drive and oput anotherone in place (may be a 1TB HD).

I need to know if there is a special formatting expected and if there’s a software to install on the new HD.



In case of Windows 7,

It should mount then it should reflect in Control Panel-Manage Drives…

Otherwise could be a HDD issue…

I think it’s a HDD issue too.

BTW, I tried to access it on a XP SP3 PC and on a 10.4.8 Mac OS without success.

The problem is : can I just put another HDD into the WD case, or will it need some special formatting specifications or a software install on it?

Hi, all.

I’ve got some news.

In another thread, a user teached me that my product is a Book Essential (P/N WDBAAF5000EBK), and is not a NAS.

Can I replace the actual dead HDD with another one?

If yes, how should I format it?

Do i need to install some software on it?