Dead hard drive

I have a dead WD3200AAKS-7. What are my options for a suitable replacement? Or, is this model still available? if so, Where can I get one?  Thanks


The replacement will depend of your computer capabilities, you may want check with your computer manufacturer to see the possibility to increase the drive capacity.

This model appears to be a 320 gb Western Digital hard drive and you can buy one at NCIX, just google NCIX computer parts and go to their website which lists hard drives and find the Western Digital size and model you want.

DO NOT FORGET … to register your new hard drive as soon as you get it as I forgot to register a 500 gb “Scorpio Black”  hard drive which had a manufacture date of April 09, 2011 and once I entered the serial number, they informed me that it had not been registered so no warranty, have a nice day.   Needless to say  Western Digital has invented new ways to provide themselves with an excuse not to provide a replacement so REGISTER your NEW drive so they won’t be able to use that excuse if you have to replace it.  A new drive cost me almost a hundred bucks for this drive.