Dead hard disk - easy to replace?

I think the hard disk has died (or is dying) in my Live Hub. Sometimes it will play, sometimes it will stop playing mid-film and all you can hear from the box is ker-chunk, ker-chunk, ker-chunk. I’ve heard a few hard disks die before, and they sounded like this :slight_smile:

It’s out of warranty, so I was thinking I could just whip the lid off, remove the existing disk, stick a new one in, and carry on…right?

I have a spare 1Tb SATA drive - 3.5", do I need to do anything to it first? Format it, partition it? How easy is it, once de-lidded, to swap the drives? When I boot it with a new drive in, will the software load up from some sort of ROM or do I need to flash it?



The disk will only be recognized if it’s a WD Scorpio Blue…

I would suggest you delete ALL the partitions.  If it’s recognized, it will prompt you to format it.

Seriously, you have to use a specific drive!? Nuts…

Anyone know what my options are for getting it repaired - it’s over 12 months old so I think the warranty has expired, but presumably the drives are warranted for more than a year?


Seriously, you have to use a specific drive!? Nuts…

You obviously dont own an XBox 360 …  here’s a fun word, "Proprietary"

I own a Playstation 3 as well, but you can use ANY 2.5" Sata Hdd Drive Replacement.

BungalowBill wrote:

… presumably the drives are warranted for more than a year?

No, drives are only warranted separately if sold separately.

Getting a hard drive repaired will be FAR more expensive than just getting a new Hub.

Before I trashed the unit, I would pull the hard drive and get the info off it (serial and model numbers) and run it through WD’s Warranty check.

You never know until you try and you might get a nice suprize…

Of course, I would prefer not to trash it at all - but given that clunking sounds are indicative of a hardware fault…

When you force a format from the interface, does it check the disk for errors and mark them as bad?

Occasionally I have found a folder appear called “Found” containing file000.chk - something I used to see in the days of ChkDsk on PC’s - does this mean that the software is checking the drive for errors anyway?

If I pulled the disk out, formatted it on a PC and did a check, and marked the bad sectors, could I then put it back in, format it and carry on? What format is the drive natively - NTFS?

Can you tell I am not ready to throw away $250 worth of kit that is only 13 months old…!

Cheers all.

I suggest you take the hard drive out and hook it up in a computer and run the Data lifeguard Diagnostic Software from〈=en. This will help you find out if the hard drive is really broken. You might even be able to submit an RMA by checking the serial number here〈=en. If it is making a lot of noise as you indicated, reformatting it won’t do any good.