Dead drive? :-/

Hi guys I really hope you can help me.

I’ve had a WD external harddrive (1 TB) for about 18 months I think. I have used it to regularly back up my macbook. Last week I had great problems getting it to work - the drive would show up then disconnect and disappear. I thought it was maybe a problem with the power cable and thought I should buy a new one. I managed to get it connected long enough to back up. 

But now it’s not connecting at all :frowning:

It is getting power – when I plug it in the white light BRIEFLy flashes and it makes the buzzing noise it usually makes when it’s working, but it promptly goes dead.

I’m really upset, I’m an artist, writer and musician and I have original work stored on it as well as years of photographs, all irreplacable. I know I should have had a second back up, I had just bought another external drive to do that but before I could transfer files it seems to have died.

I tried to do the diagnostic tool using Lifeguard diagnostic tool, but as the drive won’t connect to the computer/s, it won’t work.

is it really dead? Should I try buying a new power cable in case it’s that? Is there any way to recover data and files from the drive?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

No one can suggest anything?