DD TrueHD(Digital) Audio

I have recently downloaded some movies which have the audio in DD TrueHD(Digital).  However, there is no audio signal on the stereo output of the WDTV Live box, and my HD TV doesn’t seem to decode the audio signal either.  I have tried different configurations from the setup menu, but with no result; the audio just won’t play.

Any idea how I can get the DD TrueHD(Digital) playing?

The WDTV doesn’t support DD TrueHD, and I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for them to give support for it. You can however strip the inner core in the track, which is a standard DD 5.1 track at 640 kbs,with a program like Eac3to and remux that back into your file.

Thank you, I will try that.

They are not likely to ever add support. The chip fully supports both DTS and TrueHD formats but the license fees to use those products is very high. I once inquired with Dolby about licensing dolby digital for use in a product. They wanted $8 for each device sold. May not seem like much but it can add up quick if dolby wants $8 and then DTS wants $8 , that bumps the device cost to the manufacturer by $16 . Which means the consumer would pay $20 more for the box.

There is an answer here on the ideas forum.


Thank you all for your response. It looks like I will just have to find the best work-around. However, in my opinion, this doesn’t diminish the qualities of the device. It is not perfect, but I like it, and for the money I think it is worth it. I haven’t explored all the features (Flicker, Youtube, etc) but so far I haven’t had any of the problems discussed in this forum. I hope it stays that way.

Passthrough TrueHD from m2ts not work in all files. In some m2ts it is defined as AС 3 and stutters.

This problem has appeared since the firmware 1.01.11.

On the 1.01.00 firmware passthrough TrueHD from m2ts was all normal.

Example, in “HDTV test files (v1.7)” (that does not swing large files :smiley::

1.01.00 firmware:

  • file “Avalon.split.34.m2ts (real TrueHD)”  passthrough TrueHD - OK.

  • file “H264_TrueHD.m2ts”  passthrough TrueHD - OK.

1.01.11 (12,17,24) firmware:

  • file “Avalon.split.34.m2ts (real TrueHD)”  passthrough TrueHD - OK.

  • file “H264_TrueHD.m2ts”  TrueHD defined as AС 3 and stutters.

WD fix is also.

Have read your solution regarding DD TrueHD(Digital) Audio and would like to try it.

Can you be more specific on how to do this solution? Like specifically:

  - Stripping the inner core: How do you do it with  .m2ts files? Do you have to do it for each .m2ts file?

  - EAC3to Options and Settings

  - Remuxing