DC Power Splitting with higher Amp power Supply

Hey guys heres my question:

Does the My Book Live & My Cloud have a Built in Amp regulator?

I have 3 My Clouds and a My Book Live and I’d like to free up space on the power strip.

What I’m thinking is to get a New power supply that has a high Amperage with the same volts.

Then using a 1 female to 4 Males I can power all 4 devices at once. Making my power strip a lot less messy.

Is this possible / will this cause issues? Has anyone done this?

Power supply current ratings are the maximum current they will deliver, at the rated voltage. If the load doesn’t require that much current, the PSU won’t force the load to take it…

So, to drive a number of devices from a single PSU, all devices must be capable of using the same supply voltage, and the PSU must be capable of supplying the sum of the maximum rated currents for each of the load devices.

With a 12V input, it’s certain that 5V, and probably 3V3 and 1V8 will be required, so there will be stepdown regulators on the board.