Datenspion in der Handy-App

Ich habe die App gelöscht, da nicht sicher.
WD konnte
bisher die Lücke nicht schliessen.
Werde zu Synologie wechseln. WD ist rückständig.
In den Einstellungen kann man den Datenspion ausschalten.

Or provide a translation…

Cellular WD MyCloud App allows spying on Files.
I deleted this App on my iPhone. Heise a german Security Co. critized WD for not fixing the bug. Intruders can use the App for spying on my files. Other cellular Apps like Synology are secure. Under settings you can stop it?

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Am 27.08.17 um 17:55 schrieb cpt_paranoia

Or provide a translation…

This is a user forum, not WD Support.

Since you are concerned about security, I would recommend that you delete the personal details in your last post.

Without knowing the details of this ‘spying’ problem, it’s hard to comment. Can you post a link to the reports?