Date Time Stamp on FTP Server usind WD EX2

I had been using the WD Software to back up my data, however, there are circumstances where I need to use an FTP Client to store file on the server. For some reason, when I back up my files, WD EX2 distorts the date time stamp. Instead of the file date time stamp, it uses the date time stamp when the file was actually stored on the server. I tried to see if there is a setting somewhere, so far I have not been able to find anything. Hoping that someone ran into this before and found a solution.

Appreciate any ideas on how to preserve the date time stamp on the original file.


First, thing is to ensure the date/time is updated properly through the My Cloud Dashboard Settings page.

Second, check the settings of the FTP client software. Sometimes there may be a specific setting for keeping the date time of the file intact (or changing it) when uploading/downloading the file(s). Or there may be a setting for the server time offset.

Third, you may want to see the dedicated EX2 subforum where there may be people more knowledgeable about the EX2 device and where there may be past discussion on issues similar to yours.

The date time is set up under the settings (Language & Clock). I think that is OK. Seems to work fine.

In terms of the FTP client software, I am using the FTP Voyager. There seems to be no settings to preserve the date and time. However, I found a query that talks about the support for MDTM on the server. I am not sure on this functionality, but it appears to allow for the original date and time to be transferred to the server.

I will see if anyone ran into it on the EX2 forum.

Thanks for the feedback.