Date & Time clock a day or so behind local time

I set my MBLD to auto update its clock using the defaut NNTP servers, Time Zone was set right (-5).  It seemed OK.  

But a few months later I noticed new files had a date/time stamp in the PAST.

When I checked the settngs for Date & Time it still showed auto updates enabled.  But was in the past.

I disabled auto updates and manually corrrected the time.

Now I think its losing a few minutes per day.  So I would realy like to re-enabled the auto update - but only if it works!

Hi, hit the reset button on the back of the MBL for 4 seconds and then select the auto update option again.

If the clock has drifted, Just log in via SSH and issue the command ‘ntpdate’. Or, just reboot it. No need to reset anything.