Date is incorrect

My WD Live is a day fast. Time should be set by the Internet. Any way to fix this? I’ve tried a reset.

Dumb question, perhaps, but are you sure you have the correct timezone set? Since it doesn’t show AM/PM, you might be 12 hours ahead on the timezone. BTW, where are you seeing the date?

I’m seeing a similar issue- on the clock screensaver. Date is usually behind and sometimes the Day is “N/A”. No biggie but I wish there was a blank screen saver- or better yet track now playing as the screensaver

Same as the other poster…date on screensaver is a day ahead. Time is accurate, and TZ is correct… It’s cosmetic, but would be nice to set correctly. I’ve tried rolling around on the timezone to see if I cold fix it but no luck.

Just a thought – be sure the Daylight savings switch is correct, too.

yep done that thanks

Time (daylight, timezone) are accurate. The clock screensaver is 24 hours off and there’s no way to adjust it.

An irksome bug on an otherwise wonderful product (though still hoping for Amazon Prime).

Too bad you can’t get screensave clock to show right time.

Regarding Amazon Prime:  You and countless others have requested this here over the past years.  It looks like it ain’t gonna happen.  Meanwhile, enjoy the WDTV for what it can do well, and also get yourself a Roku  ($100 bucks or less) – a genuine, fully-packed streamer of internet content with 1000’s of channels to select from, e.g. Amazon Prime, Netflix (better than WD’s implementation) ,and tons of other useful channels.   Many of us have both units to create a complete media streaming/playing device – just duct tape them together!  :wink:   Neither device can do well what the other does, but together they are awesome.

Yep the time thing is no biggie- this unit is awesome. It fixed so many issues with my PVR.