Date added folder


Previously on my WD my cloud, there was a series of default folders that populated, one of which was a date added folder. This folder would automatically create sub folders for year, month, day and populate them with the media file that had been added at that time, so for example, If I added a file on the 1st of April 2016, WD my cloud would have automatically created a 2016 folder, April folder and 1st folder, with the relevant media populating in the last folder.

Due to a reset, this folder has now disappeared from my WD my cloud. Does anybody know how I could potentially generate a share that would perform the shame action? Or adjust the properties of a folder if I created it?

To clarify, I am not talking simply about sort by and group by; I realise I can just filter to show the most recently added file, I am talking about an entirely separate folder, focused to automatically creating new folders based on date,

Any ideas from anyone would be greatly apprenticed.


Generally the My Cloud (at least the single bay models) do not “create” sub folders within a Share. However, the Twonky DLNA media server embedded within the My Cloud will catalog media content by date and the DLNA client either within your computer or within other devices can display that media content by folders that include year, month, day, etc.

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What kind of reset did you do?

Is this what you are talking about? See image below that has folders that were created for my photos and videos.

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