/DataVolume/shares is a file instead a directory


I have an older  MyBookLive, last Firmware Update December 2013

MyBookLive 02.11.09-053 : Core F/W

Today I had the following issue which happend as I tried to access to the Public folder: the MyBookLive was not accessible as a share

I logged in to the Web Admin interface and was able to see that the storage was filled approx. 50%

As no further error messages was reported I restart the system

Then the status line shown me that the box is empty

Logonn with SSH was possible and the check shown that the box has the same fill degree as before

/dev/sda4             1.9T  993G  859G  54% /DataVolume

BUT the shares directory is now a FILE

MyBookLive:/DataVolume# file shares

shares: AppleDouble encoded Macintosh file

The shares file is only 64byte

Could anyone give me a hint what I can do?

Thanks & Regards,


Hello ichfunktion, welcome to the WD Community. For this issue I recommend you to contact support directly.