DataLifeguard does not work with EARS drives?

Is there any reason why the latest version of DataLifeguard tools cannot see EARS drives?  How are we supposed to perform extended tests and/or confirm hardware problems before RMA?  My current RAID issues might be attributable to hardware problems, but I have no tool to confirm this…


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DLG is in the process of being updated for our newer drives and Windows 7.  I do not have a time frame for this, though.  Hopefully, over the next few weeks.

Guess its a goofy Win7 thing or something.  Need to downgrade to 1.13 and run as administrator.  Otherwise, you get a cable error.  Can’t remember if I found that on another post here or on the net.

And, of course, the S.M.A.R.T. results are inconclusive.  It looks like 3 of the metrics are out of range, and I’m guessing the 1 means its a valid warranty return reason.  But the help dialogue doesn’t really say.

My guess is that both WD and the other big guys are intentially vague, b/c if you knew your drive was about to fail 2 weeks before your warranty actually ended, they would actually have to replace it…instead of it failing the month after (like 3 of mine have done).  Guess I need to google some more for what the SMART results actually mean…then perhaps I can actually plan to replace drives on my terms instead of whatever is on sale at the time…

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